We have talents from all around the world!
If your company require quick-help from some talent that is currently in town you use DOTROTTER AB basic service if you need a long-term talent, we set up a program where talents that fit you apply for be part of your company. We bring them through a nice local experience. We are intermediaries, not HR company, we do things differently and much cool that conventional.

Company Challenge

BOOTCAMP! This product will be personalized as "your company challenge", we will create an application website where all talents that fit your profile and project, will apply.
We will select the best of them, only a few will have the opportunity to participate in a one week program in the company town. Where applicants will live like a local and have the everyday labour experience, all of them participate to be part of your company.
Less period time than conventional HR process, wide variety of applicants.


We give the chance to change one day per week to one employee, where we locate them in a place where it helps a local, we bring free accommodation, local experiences, and. self-improvement. A new way of collaborating, and escape from everyday routine.
Work and have a vacation... workation!

Request your program

Contact us to request one program, or if you have questions, just write to use.
(This service is only available for EU by now)